Fresh, seasonal eating, from soil to plate

Nothing is more vital to a dish than the quality of its ingredients, and nothing tastes better than homegrown, just-picked produce. The traditional potager garden at Howard’s House has yielded a wealth of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables for over twenty years, nurtured by one of the longest-serving members of the Howard’s House team, Julian Pughe.

In 2016 we undertook a programme of extensive developments to our kitchen gardens, doubling the size of the vegetable plots and installing two fine fruit cages and an excellent composting system. As a result, our vegetable gardens are absolutely bursting with life – full of beautiful colours and fresh, seasonal produce. Each morning, our chefs handpick the finest herbs, vegetables and fruit for lunch. You can’t say fresher than that!

In 2018 we welcomed our own Legbar chickens, who are lovingly tended to by head chef Andy. They enjoy a happy free range life in their custom-built nature reserve, and reward us with beautiful pale blue eggs.


DISCOVER MORE: Watch a video of Andy talking about the kitchen garden, and what makes the food at Howard’s House so special.

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