The hidden secret at Wiltshire’s heart

Howard’s House seems built into the very landscape it inhabits. Indeed, this traditional stone building has been at the heart of the unspoilt Wiltshire village of Teffont for many centuries.
Originally built in 1623, it has seen many functions, but has always been a central part of this ancient village.

It became the dower house of the estate, and as such formed an integral part of Mayne family life throughout several centuries. The Mayne family crest is clearly visible in the hall, and original the stone plaques of Charles I and the Lion of England hint at previous affiliations.

In recent years, its welcoming rooms and secret enclosed garden have played host to discerning guests seeking an escape from the pressures of the everyday.

Everything about this hotel is genuine. Little has been changed over the centuries, with the exception of the fitting of modern plumbing and creature comforts. The open fire still blazes in the cooler seasons, the hearth is enhanced with floral displays from the garden throughout the summer months, the kitchen gardens produce the foundations of wholesome seasonal eating, and every room has its own individual history.

From the bottom of the ancient cellar to the crest of the original roof, Howard’s House remains a true testament to its role as the warm heart of this heritage village.

The Nadder Valley itself is an unspoilt gem that progress has seemingly passed by. Howard’s House seems a natural part of this peaceful, picturesque landscape. A mellow stone building cocooned in a secret garden, within a special part of Wiltshire which provides a haven for wildlife and a treasure trove of fine, fresh food.

The pace of life here is satisfyingly slow – the perfect antidote to a hectic modern world.

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